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Longevity Christmas Reception,
UK House of Lords,
London, 16 December 2022

Dmitry Kaminskiy _ Plans for 2023 and Beyond (1).png
Deep Knowledge Group Plans for 2023 and Beyond
Dmitry Kaminskiy
Dominic Jennings
● Big Data Analytics System
● Global Tech Ecosystem
● Longevity Tech Ecosystem
Dominic Jennings
Talgat Takiev _ InvestTech Platform, Tech Investment Trends, UK Ecosystem, ABES.png
● Private Equity Investment Trends
● InvestTech Platform Launch
● UK Tech Ecosystem

Talgat Takiev
Dmitry Kaminskiy _ DKG Strategic Projects Overview 2022.png
Deep Knowledge Group Strategic Projects Overview 2022
Dmitry Kaminskiy
Знімок екрана 2023-01-06 о 15.37.20.png
● Techno Philanthropy and Big Data Analytics System 
● Longevity Tech Ecosystem
Ian Inkster
Dominic Jennings _ Santa Ecosystem.png
Santa Claus Ecosystem
in the UK 2022
Dominic Jennings
Diana Arama _ Overview of DKG Events 2022.png
Overview of Deep Knowledge Group Events 2022
Diana Arama
Roxy Iqbal _ Longevity Club and Longevity Card.png
● Longevity Card
● Longevity Club
Roxy Iqbal
Diana Arama _ Closing Words.png
Closing Remarks

Diana Arama
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