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Longevity FinTech and InvestTech,
The Shard,
London, 21 July 2022

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Deep Knowledge Group
July 21, 2022
Longevity FinTech & InvestTech
Liquidity Gap in Private Equity: 
Problem and Solution
Talgat Takiyev
Ideas Crucible.png
Ideas Crucible 

Daniel Ballin
Dominic J.png
The UK as the Next Global Hub 
for DeepTech Innovation
Dominic Jennings
Sean Tai.png
Connecting the Global Syndicated Loan Market the Debtdomain Story
Sean Tai
eHealth and mHealth Ecosystem 

Professor Michael Miller
Dmitry K.png
Longevity Industry 2022 Overview
Liquidity Gap in Private Equity in DeepTech. Dmitry Kaminskiy
Elena K.png
FinTech for Investment Funds

Elena Kozhemyakina
Modern Approaches.png
Modern Approaches in InvestTech

Dmitry Kaminskiy
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