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Longevity Financial Club Launched at Oxford and Cambridge Club

with the Support of Longevity Financial Advisors and Deep Knowledge Group

Launched at the Oxford and Cambridge Club at 71 Pall Mall, London, UK on June 21st 2022, the London Longevity Financial Club was created with the support of Longevity Financial Advisors to fill the unmet need and provide a forum for financial industry professionals to discuss all the latest trends in the Longevity Financial Industry — a multi-trillion sector with massive untapped potential.

The venue for Longevity Financial Club’s inaugural meeting - the Oxford and Cambridge Club in London

The club’s inaugural meeting featured talks and discussions on a number of topics including:

  • Longevity investment trends

  • Challenges and opportunities facing pension funds, insurance companies and other financial corporations

  • De-risking and optimising Longevity investments

  • Main developments and trends in private equity, venture capital and public markets

  • The Financial commoditisation of Longevity Industrialisation

  • Health is the New Wealth

  • Longevity as a New Asset Class

  • Novel financial products and derivatives

Deep Knowledge Group’s Longevity Financial Industry Analytical Framework

Moderated by Dominic Jennings, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Deep Knowledge Group and Longevity Financial Advisors, the Club’s launch event featured presentations and panel discussions by a number of Longevity Financial Industry professionals.

The agenda was as follows:

  • Dmitry Kaminskiy, General Partner of Deep Knowledge Group on ‘Longevity Industry Overview

  • Steven Baxter, Head of Longevity Innovation at Club Vita, on ‘Longevity InsurTech, Converting Longevity Risk into New Asset Class

  • Paul Kitson, Partner at PwC, on ‘Pension Funds: Where Do They Fit in the Longevity Risk Ecosystem?

  • Cecilia Yu, Managing Partner at Longevity.Capital, on ‘Structured Financial Products and Modern Investment Strategies in the Longevity Industry’

  • Dmitry Kaminskiy, General Partner of Deep Knowledge Group, on ‘Practical Longevity

  • Talgat Takiev, Head of Investor Relations at Longevity Financial Advisors, on ‘Innovative Approaches in Private Equity to Bridge the Liquidity Gap in the Longevity Industry’’

These talks were followed by a panel discussion led by Dominic Jennings, featuring all of the meeting’s invited speakers, and closed with a general reception and in-person networking.

The event attracted significant interest from the financial industry professionals and investment community, with a number of investors, financial professionals and executives in attendance. While several topics were discussed, a general emphasis was placed on the major challenges facing the growing multi-trillion opportunity of the Longevity Financial Industry.

One such challenge prominently featured during the event was the unprecedentedly complex nature of Longevity and how the sophistication, complexity and rates-of-innovation in investment strategies and tactics, and the financial industry infrastructure (markets, structured products and derivatives, etc.) used to coordinate Longevity decision making still lag far behind what is required for effective decision making in this domain.

Another issue discussed was the disproportionately large levels of Longevity Risk that financial corporations face, and the ways in which market-ready approaches to mitigate this risk, tied to the trend of Healthy Longevity and Longevity Industrialisation, are still not being utilised to the extent that they can and should be.

Steven Baxter, Head of Longevity Innovation at Club Vita, explaining Longevity Risk during his talk entitled ‘Longevity InsurTech: Converting Longevity Risk into New Asset Class’.

A number of pathways to optimising these disproportions and addressing these issues were discussed, and it is generally agreed during the panel discussion that further dialogue and brainstorming of such approaches would be prioritised during the Club’s next meetings.

Dominic Jennings (Longevity Financial Advisors), Steven Baxter (Club Vita), Paul Kitson (PwC), Talgat Takiev (Longevity Financial Advisors), Cecilia Yu (Longevity.Capital) and Dmitry Kaminskiy (Deep Knowledge Group) during the Longevity Financial Club’s inaugural panel discussion.

A number of recent and upcoming Deep Knowledge Group projects were also announced at the Club launch, including:

“It is great to see how the topic of Longevity, and the Longevity Financial Industry in particular, is getting such significant levels of attention here in London. I was also happy to announce the publication of my new book, the second edition of ‘Longevity Industry 1.0 : Defining the Biggest and Most Complex Industry in Human History’, at the event. Health is actually the New Weath, and Longevity Financial Club is probably the best platform to combine profit with ethical ways of doing business and also personal Practical Longevity.”

- Dmitry Kaminskiy, General Partner of Deep Knowledge Group

Dmitry Kaminskiy, General Partner of Deep Knowledge Group, presenting his talk entitled ‘Longevity Industry Overview 2022

“We’re here to promote and discuss the Longevity Financial Industry, which has the potential to become the world’s newest and largest asset class. People are living longer and healthier lives. This entire industry is known as the Longevity Industry, and has the potential to be a multi trillion opportunity for investors. Our aim in creating the Longevity Financial Club is to bring together top-tier industry professionals to discuss finance and investments in Longevity, InsurTech, innovations in BioTech and Healthcare, and to discuss the longer term implications of Longevity for pension funds and insurance companies.” - Dominic Jennings, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Deep Knowledge Group and Longevity Financial Advisors

Dominic Jennings, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Deep Knowledge Group and Longevity Financial Advisors, during his moderation of the event

“At Deep Knowledge Group we firmly believe that Longevity and DeepTech should be commoditised as new asset classes. As people living longer and better we can see a slough of societal and financial challenges that we will be facing. We operate along the lines of advisor and financial services as well as data analytics. From a lot of our market intelligence work we came up with an index of the best of the breed in the Longevity industry, and with that we put together a performance tracker - something that will eventually become tradable, and immediately bankable. That will be something for people who are interested in the public market. But for those interested in the private market, we are also setting up an SPV platform where you can invest as a private investor into private companies that are doing amazing things.” - Cecilia Yu, Managing Partner at Longevity.Capital

Cecilia Yu, Managing Partner of Longevity.Capital, delivering her talk entitled ‘Structured Financial Products and Modern Investment Strategies in the Longevity Industry

“I spoke today about how pension funds and insurance companies can think about managing, offsetting and mitigating their longevity risk. Longevity is fundamental to us for helping pension funds manage the risk they are exposed to with the individuals they are providing pensions to. But more than that, it's going to be a key part about delivering good retirement income as the defined income generation comes to retirement over the next few years. Without successful ways to manage longevity risk, they are unfortunately going to find themselves with a much lower income than they expected. Deep Knowledge Group is the first time I’ve seen, anywhere in the globe, the entire longevity market mapped out.” - Paul Kitson, Partner at PwC

If you would like to know more about Longevity Financial Club and how to become a member, email us at


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