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Longevity Industry 1.0

The book features first-of-its-kind coverage of entirely new segments and sectors of the rising Longevity Industry, including Longevity Politics and Governance, the Longevity Financial Industry (including coverage of AgeTech, WealthTech, FinTech, and the coming rise of new financial instruments and derivatives), the current state and forecasts on the Global Industrialization of Longevity to Scale, and an overview of the near-future trajectory of the Longevity Industry’s evolution 2020- 2025.

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Longevity Financial
Industry Book

Health as New Wealth. Longevity FinTech, WealthTech, InvestTech, InsurTech, AgeTech and the Coming Rise of Longevity Banks, Investment Banks, Stock Exchanges, ETFs, Indices, Novel Financial Instruments and Derivatives.

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Biomarkers of
Human Longevity

Dmitry Kaminskiy's New Book urges Longevity Industry players to adopt Biomarkers of Human Longevity as the fundamental market-ready tool and framework for Industry stabilization, tangible decision making, predictable forecasting of clinical trial outcomes, public market consistency and investment de-risking.


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Longevity Investment Dashboard

Longevity Investment Big Data Analytical Dashboard is targeted toward investment funds with an interest or focus on Longevity, providing clients access to quantitative, sophisticated and multidimensional analytics on many potential future portfolio companies and investment prospects.

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Longevity Finance Dashboard

Longevity Finance Dashboard released as the sophisticated technological, data visualization in form of dynamic infographics, 3D mindmaps. The platform featured a number of specific components that together encompass the entire scope of the Longevity Finance sector.

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Public Longevity
Companies Dashboard

Public Longevity Companies Investment Big Data Analytics Dashboard released as the sophisticated technological, data visualization in form of dynamic infographics, 3D mindmaps. The platform featured companies cumulative capitalization dynamics, different portfolios and analytical information.


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Longevity Finance

Deep Knowledge Group on Investing in Longevity and Plans to Launch Longevity Investment Bank.


While Deep Knowledge Group has been on the forefront of forecasting developments in the Longevity Financial Industry, it is nice to see this specific topic beginning to receive more direct coverage in mainstream media.

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Longevity Industry
in Switzerland

Switzerland has a long-standing reputation as a hub for both international policy and the financial industry. The nation has extremely strong potentials to leverage these existing assets in order to become the leading European hotspot for the rising Longevity financial industry.

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The Silver Tsunami is a
Multi-Trillion Dollar
Business Opportunity

One billion people in retirement globally is a multi-trillion dollar business opportunity. Financial institutions such as investment banks, pension funds, and insurance companies that realize this opportunity will thrive.


Forever Young?
Biotech's Next Frontier

Deep Knowledge Group's plans to launch world's first Longevity Investment Bank was profiled in recent article from fDI intelligence, a central part of the intelligence portfolio on the investment products and services from the Financial Times.

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